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Graphic Design Services For Web, Logo, Brochure, Email, Infographics, Posters & Product Labels.


WordPress, PHP, Web, Programming, IT & Support, Mobile & Web Apps.


Social Marketing, SEO, Fan Pages, Increase Traffic, Video Marketing.


Voiceover & Narration, Editing & Mastering, Voicemail, Greetings, Jingles & Drops Singers & Songwriters


Intros, Commercials, Animation & 3D, Editing & Post, Production, Testimonials by Actors.


Market Research, Virtual Assistant Branding & Advertising, Presentations Financial & Legal.


Business Copywriting, Articles & Blog Posts, Proofreading & Editing, CVs & Cover letters Creative Writing.


Website Hosting, Email Hosting, Website Migration, Website Cloning.


Fun & Cheeky, Gifts, Lifestyle Your Message On.

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Derek Shemlon Nyuydzewira

Derek Shemlon Nyuydzewira

eCommerce & Online Business Specialist


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Here you brainstorm the idea by simply filling out a form. Then we will evaluate the options and possibilities, but also potential threats and challenges related to the idea, project, and market. Based on this information, we scope what needs to get done and if additional information is required we will schedule an ideation and brainstorming meeting where more requirements will be defined for the implementation of the idea, and an estimation of time and costs. A meeting across the team, discussing the scope, milestones, and who's part of which tasks.The statement of work will presented to the key stakeholders, including costs and initial requirements. If agreed, the SOW is signed by Reseller Business Online LTD and the client.


After the ideation and initial scoping in the first phase, the more detailed planning can begin. We may schedule a second meeting again depending on the complexity of the project to discuss the functionality, requirements, and the roadmap to get there on time. The creative process is also initiated. With user experiences formed and defined, the structure of content is often in collaboration between the teams of User Experience, Design, Marketing, and Development. A detailed plan for the implementation of your idea is laid out and put into an agreed roadmap. Then creative teams are engaged, and the client's consumer experience is initiated and designed into a blueprint. Requirements and design guidelines are handed over to development in the next phase.


All requirements, plans and the rough design specifications will now be in place and handed over to our development team. The implementation can now begin. The development process will follow a natural progression, along with Alpha and Beta versions of the final product will often be directly reflected as milestones in the roadmap and work as the natural progression towards testing & deployment. Key stakeholders may be brought in again to provide revisions and polishing in collaboration with the client's . feedback. Adjustments are made along with final touches made to get ready for testing & deployment.


Deployment is the final stage before the digital product will be in the hands of the client. Everything needs to be tested and various use-cases must be taken into account. Quality Assessment (QA) of the final product is conducted, and the project is made available to the client.


After the project has been delivered, the maintenance phase will take over. Ongoing maintenance is a continuous phase of improving functionality, stability, and offering support of the service product. Depending on the nature of your project, further development may also be part of maintenance or evolve into a second continuous project. Our maintenance includes; improvement of functionality and bug fixing, addressing stability issues and our training involves how to keep the systems running or support of the product design and service.





I am happy to confirm that Derek finished my company's website, and I am delighted with the result! I might need a little more help and Derek has said he would be available if I need, subject to agreement. 

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Avi Werjuka Craiglea Lodge

Derek has gone beyond my expectations to provide me training, helped me get my first three clients and set me up with a B2B community. I am so happy to have found reseller business online to partner with them was emotional, without Derek, I wouldn't be where I am today with his exceptional care for my business needs and future aspirations.

Client Photo
Fisayo Samuel Start-Up Mobile App Developer

Very helpful company and easy to deal with. Any queries are sorted quickly and efficiently. I have been able to offer some of my clients additional services from Reseller Business Online. Perhaps the best thing about being a Reseller Business Online partner has been their access to business mentors, accountants and a B2B community. I have a fantastic relationship with my account manager, Julian Ker - we talk every week because he is the first person I call before I make any purchase for my business.

Client Photo
Okechi Ezerakalu Website Programmer

I started my business with reseller business online recently and I must say their services are great. For what I am getting in return for what I paid for is a blessing. Derek and his team are 24/7 ready for when I need their assistance with everything. I really really recommend anyone one who is looking to start their business. Just do it!👍👍

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Rahul Macwan IT Technician

Derek is verrrrryy knowledgeable about the drop shipping business. If you don't know where to begin with drop shipping, Derek will help you get started! I'm happy I scheduled a one on one with him and look forward to starting my business 😁

Client Photo
Jehna Brown Brumfield Entrepreneur

Not only is Derek successful, he just wants to share the knowledge. I scheduled a one on one to help me with my e-commerce business and it was priceless. 10 out of 10 will recommend to everyone.

Client Photo
Simone Alexander Entrepreneur

Very helpful and giving a lot of insight on what needs to be done to be successful. Opens your mind to endless possibilities!

Client Photo
Tobi Bilewu Entrepreneur

Most definitely recommend using this service along the road. Quick response time to questions and good business.

Client Photo
Ardes Smith Entrepreneur

One of the best companies to work with,fast delivery and work was professional. They made suggestions and added value to my business. I will highly recommend anyone to Derek and his team for their amazing work!

Client Photo
Meredith Asheri Entrepreneur